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Biden Refers to Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy as a ‘dumb Son of a Bitch.’! Latest News!

WASHINGTON, D.C.President Joe Biden called Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy “a foolish son of a bitch” on a live microphone Monday after Doocy questioned Biden about inflation being a political risk.

The linguistic gaffe occurred during a White House event on the Biden administration’s inflation-fighting efforts. After Biden complained that all press inquiries were on the military buildup near Ukraine, Doocy said, “Will you take inflation questions?” Do you believe inflation is a political liability in the run-up to the midterm elections?”

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Biden said sarcastically, “No, that’s an excellent asset.” Increased inflation.”

“What a foolish son of a bitch,” he continued.

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A Georgia judge has approved the appointment of a special grand jury to investigate Trump’s election interference. Biden will speak with European leaders as the situation on the Ukraine-Russia border deteriorates.
Republican Virginia Attorney General fires university investigator on January 6 Doocy appeared on Fox News following his debate with Biden when co-host of “The Five” Jesse Watters joked with his colleague: “I believe the president is correct.” You are a moron.”

“Yeah, nobody has fact-checked [Biden] yet and stated it’s not true,” a happy Doocy added.

When host Bret Baier asked Doocy about the “colourful exchange” with the president on the Special Report, Doocy responded, “He didn’t want to deviate from the issue.” He was at an inflation-related event. I inquired as to inflation. Now, watch to see if the White House feels compelled to bleep that out of the transcript.”

Biden Refers to Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy as a 'dumb Son of a Bitch.'! Latest News!
Biden Refers to Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy as a ‘dumb Son of a Bitch.’! Latest News!

Baier then inquired, “What were the other reporters’ reactions to that?” Have you spoken with them?” “They had to tell me he said it,” Doocy said, “since I couldn’t hear anything over the wranglers’ shouts. As a result, the clip will continue to exist.”

Later Monday evening, Doocy stated that Biden had called him later that afternoon to apologise for the slur. CNBC’s request for comment was not responded to by the White House.

Doocy often taunts Biden during press conferences, yelling over other reporters and attempting to fool the president.

Biden has a lengthy history of swearing in front of hot microphones, so the comments were not wholly unexpected.

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Biden made headlines in 2010 when he was overheard telling then-President Barack Obama that adopting the Affordable Care Act was a “huge fucking deal.”

With inflation at levels not seen in decades, the White House has struggled in recent months to communicate with the public about its efforts to help bring prices down in the long run. In the short term, Biden, or any president, has limited power to counteract macroeconomic factors such as rising consumer demand and supply chain bottlenecks in Asia.



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