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For Families Who Have Missed Payments, the Child Tax Credit Tool Is Reopened

Are you qualified for the Child Tax Credit or a stimulus check from last year but have yet to receive them? If you didn’t have to file a federal tax return this year, you could now file a claim for those benefits.

Last October, the federal government partnered on a new website, GetCTC.org, to assist more low- and no-income Americans in applying for and receiving the extended child tax credit, a monthly payment of up to $300 per kid included in the coronavirus relief package.

GetCTC.org was created in collaboration with the White House and the Treasury Department by Code for America. The tool, which went live in late September, was shut down after ten weeks at the end of the filing season in 2021. According to David Newville, Senior Program Director for Tax Benefits at Code for America, over 115,000 families used the GetCTC tool to claim more than $400 million in tax benefits.

GetCTC can reopen now that the regular tax season is over.

Eligible families can utilize the tool to get their Child Tax Credit for 2021 this year. Each child aged 6 to 17 is eligible for $3,000 per year, or $250 per month. Parents with children under six can get $3,600 per year, with $300 paid out monthly.

Families can apply for their third stimulus payment, worth $1,400 per person, if they haven’t already.

Rather than filing a complete tax return, GetCTC gathers information to fill out a streamlined return that only asks for the information needed to get the Child Tax Credit and stimulus payments.


If your family isn’t required to file a total federal tax return, you’re qualified to utilize the GetCTC service if you earn less than $12,500 as an individual or $25,100 as a married couple, plus less than $400 in self-employment income.



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