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Gas Prices, Stimulus Checks, and Other Inflation-busting Strategies Are Discussed in News on American Finances

As gas prices and inflation general rise in the United States, Americans are looking for ways to save money. In today’s American Finances Live Blog, which was released on Tuesday, March 29th, there is various inflation-fighting advice.

We’ll also discuss the most recent financial developments, such as updates on Medicaid income constraints, IRS tax refunds, and other relevant subjects. So, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on US assistance programs, stay reading.

In the coming year, Biden plans to tax the wealthy.

Vice President Joe Biden’s $5.8 trillion budget proposal for next year would cut federal deficits while raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Iden and his colleagues’ budget aims to be fiscally responsible while maintaining domestic and foreign security, as well as investing in social programs to help families fulfill basic requirements including housing, child care, health care, and other expenses.

Which of the following is the minimum income requirement to apply?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is one of the most important refundable tax credits offered by the federal government to low-to-moderate-income households. As a result of the recent increase in the availability of this credit, more people may be able to get some much-needed money back into their pockets.

People should check to determine if they are eligible for this significant tax break, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Individuals with incomes below a specific threshold are not obliged to file a tax return since they owe no tax, but those who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) may be eligible for a refund if they file in 2021, according to the IRS.

Gas Prices, Stimulus Checks, and Other Inflation-busting Strategies Are Discussed in News on American Finances
Gas Prices, Stimulus Checks, and Other Inflation-busting Strategies Are Discussed in News on American Finances

When the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, what variables should be considered?

Bitcoin has recently surpassed the $45,000 mark and rebounded to an average value of $47,500, following a roughly two-week rising trend that has been supported by other optimistic findings.

Although many cryptocurrency experts believe Bitcoin will be able to reclaim $65,000 levels, which it has not done since November, they do not rule out the possibility that inflation and the Ukraine conflict will hurt the digital currency in the coming weeks, potentially driving the price below $45,000.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Monitor Your Tax Refund?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, filing your return electronically is the quickest way to receive it. If you haven’t received your cash after 21 days of filing your online return or six weeks of mailing your paper return, you should contact the IRS to inquire about your refund status.

Payment statuses are updated once a day, usually overnight, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Within 24 hours of the IRS receiving your e-filed tax return or four weeks after mailing a paper tax return, you should be able to check on the status of your tax return and IRS refund. Using their official refund tracker is the most expedient way to do it.

Is It Possible to Get Your College Loans Forgiven in 2022?

Several members of Congress have proposed their version of a federal student loan forgiveness scheme, which would immediately benefit millions of Americans.

The problem is that no one has a strong view on the subject. However, while running for president, Joe Biden spoke extensively on the matter, suggesting that the federal government wipe off only $10,000 in debt for each borrower.

Gas Prices, Stimulus Checks, and Other Inflation-busting Strategies Are Discussed in News on American Finances (1)
Gas Prices, Stimulus Checks, and Other Inflation-busting Strategies Are Discussed in News on American Finances

A Russian-Ukrainian pact could be on the horizon.

The situation in Ukraine has affected the world economy, thus resolving the conflict sooner rather than later would be beneficial to the American economy.

Following the latest peace talks in Istanbul, the conflict may be nearing an end. According to the Financial Times, Russia is willing to let Ukraine join the European Union if it refuses to join NATO.

How to Deposit Your IRS Tax Return Check Into Your Bank Account

The next step is to cash your IRS tax return check when you’ve received it and avoided any backlog-related delays.

It can be done in a variety of places, including a bank, a check-cashing service, or a large retailer.

Shop on Mondays or Tuesdays to save money on gas.

Gas prices have been a major source of concern for the American public in recent weeks. The cost of filling a tank has increased dramatically since Russia and Ukraine became entangled in a geopolitical dispute.

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There is a need to develop new strategies to combat inflation before the Gas Prices, Stimulus Check is validated. One option is to pick and choose which days you fill-up. In a survey conducted in 2021 by GasBuddy, a travel and navigation app, it was discovered that the average price of petrol in the United States is lowest on Mondays. The results of their research in 2017, 2018, and 2019 were all the same.

The New Medicaid Income Limits

A person’s income must fall inside a particular threshold to qualify for Medicaid. Due to a huge number of variables and changing levels in various states, determining exactly what they are can be difficult for the average person.

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The eligibility requirements are based on the Federal Poverty Level, which for persons in 2022 will be $13,590.

The Supply-Chain Problems in the United States

Because of the sanctions against Russia, the US has had to look for alternative energy sources, driving up fuel prices across the country.

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As The Economist points out, replacing Russian oil with US shale oil will be difficult, but the White House has been advocating for this for a long time.

What’s Causing the Tax Refund Delay?

In the United States, tax season has arrived, but many taxpayers who have already filed their 2021 tax returns have yet to get their refunds. As a result, the IRS has issued a warning to taxpayers not to put their reliance on a specific return date while making large purchases or paying bills.



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