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Hawaii’s Stimulus Checks: Up to $300 Has Been Approved by Lawmakers for Use by Taxpaying Citizens

States are continuing to issue relief payments to households due to high inflation and increasing gasoline costs. Many states have already sent or are providing financial aid to residents, with Hawaii being the most recent to do so. Hawaii’s stimulus cheques might be worth up to $300. Furthermore, these stimulus cheques are aimed at lower-income families.

Who Would Receive Hawaii’s Stimulus Checks?

Hawaii senators recently passed Senate Measure 514, a tax rebate bill that intends to provide more funds to low-income families. The measure proposes that Hawaii provide $100 stimulus cheques to taxpayers earning more than $100,000 per year and $300 payouts to those earning less.

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“I’m delighted politicians are considering returning some of the extra funds to taxpayers.” “It’s likely to be a one-time boost, but I believe those who have been affected by the epidemic will appreciate the assistance,” said Tom Yamachika, president of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii.

In addition, each dependant would get a reimbursement. This implies that the size of the stimulus check is determined by the size of the household. Hawaii’s stimulus payouts would go to those who submitted their tax returns in Hawaii for the year 2021. The state would spend nearly $250 million on stimulus cheques.

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Senate Bill 514 also sets aside $500 million for the emergency and budget reserve fund and $300 million for the pension accumulation fund, in addition to providing stimulus cheques from Hawaii. Since 2007, this is the first substantial state tax refund or credit of this sort.

Since 2007, this is the first substantial state tax refund.

The tax refund was initially suggested by Gov. David Ige earlier this year. The politicians, on the other hand, originally had nothing to say about it. Now, record state tax receipts owing to the tourist industry’s recovery and the economy’s quick recovery have prompted legislators to reconsider offering tax relief.

Previously, if the state had a substantial surplus, the state was required to offer tax refunds. However, tax refunds have been less common in recent years.

The state constitutional convention produced an amendment in 1978 that made it essential to provide tax refunds or credits if the state’s general treasury surpluses for two years in a row. In 2007, legislators authorized up to $160 in credits, but when the return requirement is triggered, lawmakers usually opt for a $1-per-person credit.


Another adjustment to the tax credit requirement was passed by voters in 2010. Instead of returning money to taxpayers, the new amendment authorized officials to deposit additional money into the state’s budget reserve or “rainy day” fund. According to the Tax Foundation, no credits under the 1978 constitutional provision have been granted since then.



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