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Here’s How the Us and the Several States Think About Gas Rebates and Other Stimulus Funds

Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the proposal of suspending federal gas taxes on Thursday. Instead, she proposed tax rebates or direct payments to Americans as a way to alleviate the impact of rising petrol costs.

So, how do we feel about tax cuts or further stimulus funds?

Reps. Mike Thompson of California, John Larson of Connecticut, and Lauren Underwood of Illinois introduced the Gas Rebate Act of 2022 a few weeks ago, which would provide Americans with a $100 monthly rebate (plus another $100 for each dependent) for the rest of 2022 if the national average gas price exceeds $4 per gallon.

If the bill passes, single filers with earnings up to $75,000 and joint filers with incomes up to $150,000 will receive the entire payment. For taxpayers with greater incomes, it would then be phased out.

Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, and New Mexico are among the states that have previously authorized tax rebates.

Gov. Brad Little of Idaho signed House Bill 436 in February to grant tax rebates to all-year Idaho residents. Those who qualify will get either $75 per taxpayer and dependent or 12% of the tax amount recorded on their 2020 state taxes, whichever is greater.

Georgia citizens who filed tax returns in 2020 and 2021 will receive a one-time tax credit under House Bill 1302, which was just passed into law. Single filers will receive $250, heads of households would receive $375, and joint filers will receive $500 under the new law.

Here's How the Us and the Several States Think About Gas Rebates and Other Stimulus Funds (1)
Here’s How the Us and the Several States Think About Gas Rebates and Other Stimulus Funds

According to AP reporting, Indiana lawmakers authorized a plan to deliver $125 refund cheques to taxpayers after they file their taxes in 2021.

House Bill 163, which was just signed into law in New Mexico, offers a $500 one-time, refundable income tax rebate for joint filers with incomes under $150,000 and $250 for single filers with incomes under $75,000.

Other states are contemplating gas refunds and stimulus packages as well, such as Maine Governor Janet Mills’ idea to raise the state’s relief cheques to $850 to account for inflation and rising gas prices.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) of California suggested $400 direct payments to homeowners per vehicle last week, as well as incentives to encourage public transportation companies to provide free transportation for three months.

Governor David Ige of Hawaii has announced that taxpayers and their dependents will get $100 refund checks.

Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota recently published a new supplementary budget that, if adopted, will provide up to $1,000 in direct payments to Minnesota families.

According to Forbes, other states such as New York and Kentucky have proposed similar legislation.

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The Biden administration stated on Thursday that it is planning the largest-ever release of oil from strategic reserves in the United States, with an average of 1 million barrels per day for the next six months.

According to Biden, it’s unclear how much lower fuel costs will be as a result of the decision. It could save Americans “anywhere from 10 cents to 35 cents per gallon,” he said.

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According to AAA, gas is currently costing around $4.23 per gallon, up from $2.87 in 2021.



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