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In First, US Added To Annual List Of ‘Backsliding’ Democracies

For the first time, the United States has been added to an annual list of “backsliding” democracies, according to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance NGO, citing a “visible deterioration” that began in 2019.

The yearly evaluation by the Stockholm-based organization is based on 50 years of democratic indices. It divides the world’s 160 nations into 3 groups: democracies (include “backsliding” democracies), hybrid governments, and authoritarian regimes.

The research also mentioned increased polarization in the United States, as well as state voting regulations that “disparately affect minorities in a negative way.”

According to the AFP news agency, IDEA Secretary-General Kevin Casas-Zamora labelled the “visible weakening of democracy” in the United States “one of the most alarming trends” in the 2021 study.

“The violent simulate the circuit of the 2020 election without any proof of fraud has been reproduced, in various ways, in nations as disparate as Myanmar, Peru, and Israel,” he said.

Along with “established democracies” like the United States, the list includes European Union members Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia.

Ukraine and North Macedonia, who were on the list last year, were removed this year after their conditions improved.

Meanwhile, Turkey, Nicaragua, Serbia, Poland, and Brazil were assessed as having had the most democratic setbacks in the recent decade.

According to the research, the globe would have 98 democracies in 2020, 20 “hybrid” governments, including Russia, Morocco, and Turkey, and 47 totalitarian governments, including China, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Iran.

Since the commencement of the COVID-19 epidemic, the tendency toward democratic deterioration has “gotten more serious and concerning,” according to the research.

“Some nations, including Hungary, India, the Philippines, and the United States, adopted measures that amounted to democratic breaches – that is, actions that were excessive, unlawful, indefinite, or unrelated to the nature of the emergency,” the report stated.

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