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Ivanka Trump Is Helping Ukrainian Refugees, a Far Cry From Her Billionaire Palling Around Days

Is that a bird, or something else? Is that a plane, or something else? Ivanka Trump, not Donald Trump, is swooping in to save Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky may not get the no-fly zone he wants from Nato, but he may be assured that he has the entire force of Saint Ivanka on his side.

It’s not because the former first daughter has been quiet about her recent noble humanitarian efforts that you haven’t heard about them. Ivanka has kept a low profile since her father’s election loss in 2020, but she has recently moved back into the spotlight to ensure that her good deeds are not forgotten. Ivanka Trump’s Instagram account was updated for the first time since January on Friday, with a post boasting that she had assisted in the delivery of more than a million meals to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

Fox News also released a long puff piece with adoring statements from unidentified sources and a Florida pastor she is working with about how a planeload of food for refugees would never have gotten off the ground “if it weren’t for [Ivanka’s] prompt intervention,” according to the article.

Don’t get me wrong: assisting refugees is always commendable. Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka But it’s easy to be skeptical about Trump’s generosity; the family motto appears to be “quid pro quo.” In 2019, 90 minutes after a phone call with Zelenskiy in which Trump appears to have pushed him for a favor – the topic of Trump’s first impeachment — Trump delayed congressionally approved military funding to Ukraine. Surprisingly, I don’t recall Ivanka being as worried about the Ukrainian people at the time. After all, she was busy socializing with oligarchs in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, including Roman Abramovich.


Of course, people change. I’ll be the first to confess that Ivanka is no longer the same person she was when her father was in power. For one thing, she’s battling a fraud case, and Trump can’t stop himself from calling Putin “brilliant,” which is both embarrassing and inconvenient. Nothing beats clinging to a crisis to help you clean up your image.



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