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‘kind of an Adultery,’ Justice Thomas Said of the Leak of a Draft Supreme Court Abortion Judgment

On Friday, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas likened the leak of a draft Supreme Court judgment in a high-profile abortion case to “infidelity,” suggesting that it erodes faith in the court and public opinions of the institution.

“When you lose that trust, particularly in the institution where I work, it really affects the system. You begin to cast a glance behind you, “At a Dallas event, Thomas remarked. “It’s like adultery in the sense that you can explain it but not reverse it.”

Thomas, a solid conservative on the nine-member court, is the second judge to speak out publicly in recent days over the leak of a draft judgment indicating the high court would reverse its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which established a constitutional right to abortion. The startling leak of the ruling in the midst of a midterm election year upended official Washington and sparked demonstrations around the country, including at the residences of the justices.

Thomas remarked of faith in the nation’s institutions, “I’ve been in this industry long enough to know exactly how delicate it is.” “And the institution in which I work — if someone told you that one sentence of one opinion would be leaked by anybody, you’d say, “Oh, that’s impossible.” That would never happen.'”

Though Supreme Court debates have previously leaked, especially in abortion cases, the revelation of a whole written ruling from the secretive court was unusual. The paper was authenticated by the court, but it was emphasized that it was not it’s the final ruling in a dispute involving Mississippi’s restriction on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Chief Justice John Roberts has ordered a probe.

The American Enterprise Institute, Manhattan Institute, and Hoover Institution hosted a conference where Thomas spoke.

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Associate Justice Samuel Alito was questioned about the leak at an event at George Mason University the day before Thomas’ comments.

According to The Washington Post, a questioner said, “I think it would simply be incredibly beneficial for all of us to know, personally, are you all doing alright in these very hard times?”

“I told myself I wasn’t going to speak about this today because, you know – given the circumstances,” Alito answered.


“We had our conference this morning, and we’re doing our job,” Alito added, according to the Post. “We’re accepting new cases, and we’re getting close to the conclusion of the semester, which is typically a frenzied period as we get our views out,” she says.



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