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Man Arrested In Murder Of 25-Year-Old Pregnant Houston Woman

A man has been detained on suspicion of shooting and murdering a 25-year-old pregnant lady before abandoning her corpse on the side of the road.

Kwanmaine Travion Boyd, 25, is charged with capital murder in Cavanna Smith’s death. Boyd was detained without incident last Friday.

Smith’s relatives told ABC13 that the murder occurred the same day she gave an ultrasound to the man she was seeing.

Smith’s body was discovered on the side of Reid Street and Irvington, near the North Loop, on October 6.

“He killed her like she was an animal, and I’d never even can do this to an animal,” Smith’s sister, Brittany Wilson, told the Daily Mail a week ago. “Imagine someone shooting a dog and then abandoning it in the middle of the street like an animal.”

Wilson said she went to an ultrasound session with her sister on Oct. 5, the day before she was murdered, after learning she was pregnant.

Wilson stated that her sister was both anxious and delighted. Smith informed Boyd that she was pregnant, but he was not pleased.

The next day, Smith went to visit Boyd to collect the money he owed her. Her texts to her family suggest that she was concerned about anything bad happening.

“He was unhappy and claimed he didn’t want any more children,” Wilson explained.

“She said, ‘I’m going to get my money, and if something happens to me, this is where I’m at,'” Wilson recounted.

On the same evening, another of their sisters received a disturbing screenshot from Smith’s closest buddy. Smith’s text message, sent at 6:45 p.m., said, “I have been abducted, I’m in the back of Kwan’s vehicle.”

Smith’s family quickly dialed 911 when they saw the message. According to court papers, a corpse was discovered on Reid Street during an inquiry and eventually identified as Smith.

According to police records, a positive pregnancy test was discovered in Boyd’s residence, along with a message and an ultrasound photo.

Boyd was identified as a suspect in the investigation, and he was charged with Smith’s murder on November 9.

Smith was the fifth of 5 children. Her mother characterized her as the family’s life, with a bright future ahead of her. She had been a businesswoman who was returning to school for her master’s degree in criminal justice.

Smith’s mother stated, “She didn’t deserve whatever happens to her.” “My major concern is that justice be delivered. She was a young woman who had just recently begun to live her own life.”

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