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Millions of Americans Might Get New $400 Stimulus Payments as Part of an $18 Billion Inflation Relief Program – Would You Be Eligible?

California’s governor has proposed an $18 billion inflation relief program that would offer automobile owners up to $800 in cash.

According to KTLA5, Governor Gavin Newsom presented an $18.1 billion inflation relief package to assist Californians in combating inflation.


The majority of the funds would be used to provide $400 cheques to automobile owners. Newsom unveiled the $11 billion effort earlier this year, claiming that it would help offset increasing gas costs.

Because the maximum is two automobiles, Californians with more than one car will get $800.

The proposal also includes a $750 million investment to provide citizens with three months of free public transportation.

Newsom also proposes $439 million for a 12-month delay in the diesel fuel sales tax rate.

Other lawmakers proposed their proposals, which included monetary refunds. Legislative leaders and Newsom will need to reach an agreement.

Support for families

A rental assistance scheme will be the subject of another section of the measure.

About $2.7 billion would be utilized to provide emergency rental assistance to low-income households. These families have until March 31 to request assistance.

With $1.4 billion, past-due electric payments will also be paid. This money will supplement the utility assistance program that assisted people with their water and energy costs last year.

Another $933 million would be spent on reimbursements of up to $1,500 to hospital and skilled nursing facility employees who cared for patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This proposal also offers $304 million to help families with four children earning up to $166,500 per year afford healthcare.

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This will be accessible to nearly 700,000 Californians, according to the governor’s office.

If successful, $157 million would be allocated to improving the affordability of a state-subsidized preschool and child care.


According to Newsom’s administration, this will assist 40,000 low-income families to save up to $595 each month.

The bill has not yet been passed.



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