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Official: More Than 90% Of Fed Workers Got Shots By Deadline

By Monday’s deadline set by President Joe Biden, more than 90% of government employees had gotten at least one dosage of a COVID-19 vaccination.

In September, Biden stated that more than 3.5 million federal employees would be compelled to get vaccinated, with no choice to get routinely tested instead, unless they obtained an approved medical or religious exemption.

According to a U.S. official, the great majority of government employees are completely vaccinated, with a smaller proportion having pending or authorized exemption to the obligation.

According to the source, more than 95 percent of government personnel are in compliance with the Biden rule, either by getting vaccinated or having obtained an exemption.

Workers who are not in compliance will be subjected to “counselling,” which might lead to their dismissal if they do not receive a vaccine or obtain a recognized exemption from immunization.

The person discussed the numbers on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to go on the record before their formal publication later Monday.

The deadline is a crucial litmus test for Biden’s drive to encourage people throughout the country to be vaccinated, as his administration has highlighted that vaccination is the nation’s most certain path out of the pandemic.

Aside from the federal worker regulation, his administration is attempting to compel major firms to implement vaccinating or testing rules that would cover more than 84 million workers, though plans for January enforcement have been put on hold due to litigation.

There was much anxiety about whether federal employees would comply with the rule, particularly in law enforcement and intelligence organizations, where there had been vociferous opposition, and among government workers working in the travel industry as the holiday travel season approached.

According to the White House, there will be no government interruptions as a result of the mandate. The Federal Aviation Administration has 99 percent of its staff complying with Biden’s directive, the Transportation Security Administration has 93 percent, and Customs and Border Protection has 98 percent.

Even before the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s case is settled, the White House intends to use the government vaccine requirement as a model for private enterprises to establish their own mandates.

Since Biden announced the first federal regulations earlier this summer, the number of unvaccinated Americans aged 12 and above has decreased from over 100 million to less than 60 million. Health experts underline that the vast majority of COVID-19-related severe disease and death currently occur among persons who have not received a vaccination.

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