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Pregnancy Affects Kidneys in Computational Models! Viral News!

A typical pregnancy changes the kidneys, which might lead to gestational illnesses. Preeclampsia, abnormally high blood pressure during pregnancy, can harm the kidneys.

For a developing foetus and placenta, plasma volume expands during pregnancy, says Melissa Stadt, a master’s researcher in applied mathematics at the University of Waterloo. “Extra sodium and potassium are retained, which are critical electrolytes throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy entails additional effort for the kidneys.”

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The researchers employed computer simulations of renal function in mid-and late pregnancy. These in-silico trials allow for testing kidney strains that would otherwise be impossible to test in live pregnancies without significant danger.

Pregnancy Affects Kidneys in Computational Models! Viral News!
Pregnancy Affects Kidneys in Computational Models! Viral News!

Because human pregnancy is risky, medical experts typically employ other mammals like rats for studies. Even though computational models do not require actual test subjects, the research team modelled rat pregnancies to incorporate more available scientific data.

According to Anita Layton, professor of applied mathematics and Canada 150 Research Chair in mathematical biology and medicine at Waterloo, “Computational modelling allows us to undertake trials that we couldn’t do in real tests.” “Change one parameter and observe the results. Then we can see how the modifications affect pregnancy.”

They are a safe, cost-effective, and timely way to perform trials, not just of the numerous effects pregnancy may have on the kidneys, but also of potential therapies and drugs.

“Any issues that impact the mother’s organs can affect the growing foetus,” added Layton. “Our models can help. Pregnancy-related kidney alterations are currently unknown in medical studies. So our research aims to improve pregnancy outcomes.”

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“Adaptive changes in single-nephron GFR, tubular morphology, and transport in a pregnant rat nephron: modelling and analysis,” said Stadt and Layton.



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