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School District Requiring Non-cloth Masks With Nose Wire at All Times| More Info!

Los Angeles:- A non-cloth mask with a nose wire will be required for all students in Los Angeles public schools starting Monday, according to a letter sent to parents this weekend. The requirement will apply to all school activities, including sports.

Schools will provide surgical-style masks to children and workers who require them, according to a letter written on Saturday by Megan K. Reilly, interim superintendent of Los Angeles Unified.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States said this month that loosely woven cotton masks give the least level of protection against respiratory infections.

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According to Reilly, LA County schools will also continue to administer weekly testing to students and staff until February.

As stated by the interim superintendent, “in-school case rates have decreased by 7 percent since our baseline testing, and current rates of kids and employees are half those of students and personnel in the broader community as a result of the safety measures in place.”

School District Requiring Non-cloth Masks With Nose Wire at All Times

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The number of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County continues to rise, with 39,117 new cases recorded per day on Saturday.

As cloth masks are prohibited in Los Angeles County schools, masks will be made optional at Fulton County Schools in Atlanta beginning this week.

Last week, in-person learning was reinstated in Fulton County…

A spokesperson for the school system stated that “maintaining face-to-face education is a primary objective for our district.” “Even if some employees have been absent as a result of COVID, we want to remain open as long as we have enough staff to manage our schools safely.”

According to county data, 25.2 percent of all PCR tests conducted in Fulton County between January 3 and January 16, 2022, were positive, with the remainder being negative.

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