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SNAP Benefits: Is It Possible to Pay With an EBT Card at Papa John’s?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides food stamps to low-income Americans each month. For the most part, SNAP benefits aren’t accepted in restaurants or grocery stores for the purchase of hot and ready-to-eat food, however, your local Papa John’s may accept your SNAP EBT card.

If you meet the requirements of your state’s Restaurant Meals Program, Papa John’s accepts SNAP EBT (RMP). If you can’t cook at home and are on food stamps, you may use your EBT cards to pay for cooked meals at participating restaurants through the Reduced Meals Program (RMP). Only seven states now participate in the RMP, and not all locations accept EBT cards.

The USDA says that to be eligible for the RMP, you must also be:

  • Infirmed (60 years or older)
  • Activated (receive disability benefits due to a permanent disability or blindness)
  • Homeless
  • The RMP-eligible spouse of a SNAP beneficiary

Papa John’s has locations all across the country, but according to Frugal Reality, SNAP EBT cards can only be used in Arizona and California. in Casa Grande, Arizona, as well as Riverside and Los Angeles Counties in California, you can get SNAP benefits.

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Make sure to contact ahead to see if Papa John’s participates in the RMP and accepts EBT cards before you go. Use the Papa John’s restaurant locator to discover the nearest location and see the menu, specials, and pricing.



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