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SNAP Emergency Benefits Are Extended in New Mexico Throughout May

According to the New Mexico Human Services Department, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will be extended for May.

The maximum amount for household size distributed during the pandemic, according to Human Services, will expire 30 days after the conclusion of the Public Health Emergency is announced, which is expected around July 15.

According to Human Services, clients should check their contact information on the YesNM website to ensure that their benefits are not interrupted. Individuals can also apply for and check their SNAP benefits on the internet.

“Emergency SNAP Benefits have been issued to 289,392 New Mexico households since March 2020,” Human Services Department Deputy Secretary Angela Medrano said. We will continue to provide crucial benefits to New Mexicans who are members of our most vulnerable families.” “We understand that the epidemic has been a difficult time for many families, and we are grateful that we were able to provide further support.”

When SNAP EBT card money is used at grocery stores, the Human Services Department continues to remind New Mexicans who receive SNAP benefits that they can double their food expenditures and buy more fruits and vegetables. More information on card usage can be found here.




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