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Stimulus Update: California Has Issued Its Final Round of Stimulus Funds, Although More Checks May Be Forthcoming in 2022.

More than one million Americans are hoping that government stimulus money will appear in their mailboxes or bank accounts in 2022 while the COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc on the country.

A fresh stimulus package or further Child Tax Credit funds aren’t on the horizon at this time. Certainly not when it comes to government stimulus funds. Residents of select states may be in line for additional stimulus funds.

Over a dozen states stepped in to help their citizens weather the economic storm that was triggered by the epidemic in 2021 when federal stimulus money was scarce.

One of those states, California, sent the final wave of stimulus cheques to citizens earlier this week, totaling more than $5.9 billion in the process… Those who were eligible for stimulus funds received a significant financial boost, but there are presently no further payouts for Californians.

That doesn’t imply that the Golden State’s people won’t be getting any more stimulus money in the future. In 2022, there are three indications that extra stimulus money will be available to the people of California. Here’s a breakdown of the indicators.

Stimulus Update: California Has Issued Its Final Round of Stimulus Funds, Although More Checks May Be Forthcoming in 2022.

There is a lot of money in California’s budget that may be used to distribute stimulus payments.

The large budget surplus that exceeded the state’s constitutional limit allowed for the 2021 direct payouts to Californians. As a result, the California state budget surplus had to be returned to taxpayers in some manner, and the state elected to do so through the issuance of stimulative checks to residents in the state with low to moderate incomes.

A budget surplus like this one doesn’t arise very frequently. Even though it has only happened twice in the previous four decades, the next fiscal year, beginning in July 2022, is projected to see it again. Moreover, a $31 billion surplus in the state budget for 2022 looks to be in the cards for California.

California is going to be compelled to return some of the money from its budget surplus to its inhabitants in some form or another, and it’s likely to do so, at least in part, by distributing another stimulus payment. Nobody knows what the stimulus payment will look like.

As far as stimulus money is concerned, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it clear.

Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled a $286 billion budget plan for California’s fiscal year 2022 earlier this week. The budget plan did not contain any further stimulus cheques, even though the state expects the previously mentioned enormous budget surplus.

Even while it was a disappointment to Californians, this was not a signal that there will be no further stimulus funds for the state’s inhabitants in 2022. According to the governor’s statement, extra stimulus funds are expected to be included in the updated budget in May.

There would be an additional refund for the taxpayers “in May rewrite wording when I update the budget,” the governor stated. “There are no additional taxes in our budget.”

Third, the 2021 California stimulus program was a big success, reaching more people than anticipated.

Federal politicians were reluctant in 2021 to grant further stimulus funds to Americans, while the California government adopted the opposite route. [page break] The original purpose of the program was to assist low-income Californians who were struggling due to the epidemic and the high expense of living in the Golden State.

More Californians were served as a result of the program’s expansion in July, which included residents earning $75,000 or less.

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It was estimated by the governor’s office that two out of three Californians were eligible for a share of $12 billion in state stimulus monies as a result of the expansion. People in all economic groups in California are likely to have felt the effects of this.

This year’s economic recovery bodes well for the creation of a new stimulus programme in 2022. The budget surplus and Governor Newsom’s recent remarks suggest that a stimulus programme will be on the table when the budget is amended in July.

Is this a trend that will spread to other states?

In 2022, it’s conceivable that California or another state would offer more stimulus payments to inhabitants. Thirteen states offered stimulus money to citizens last year, and with the new COVID strain spreading havoc across the country, we may see similar steps this year as well.

At this point, it’s impossible to say for sure what will happen. This year’s stimulus money for citizens in these and other states is still up in the air. Pandemic-related concerns remain a concern for all 50 states, and as we saw in 2021, they may have a significant influence on the financial assistance and other incentives provided to inhabitants in each state.

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