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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Claims That Charter Buses Will Be Used to Transport ‘illegal Immigrants’ to Washington, DC

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the state will begin using charter buses to carry “illegal immigrants” to Washington, DC.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Abbott said he is “fed up” with the federal government releasing migrants into small communities in Texas, and that he planned to drop the refugees near the US Capitol steps.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claimed shortly after the announcement that he wanted to transfer migrants to “sanctuary states like Delaware.”

It comes after President Joe Biden said that the federal government will rescind a public health order imposed by Donald Trump during the Covid-19 pandemic that prevented most asylum seekers from entering the US-Mexico border.

The order, known as Title 42, resulted in the deportation of 1.7 million migrants.

Mr. Abbott said on Wednesday that he would assist areas that have been “overwhelmed by swarms of illegal immigrants” who he claims were dumped by the Biden administration.

Mr. Abbott stated, “Texas is arranging charter buses to convey these illegal aliens… to Washington DC.”

“We’re sending them to the White House, where the Biden administration will be able to meet the needs of the people they’re permitting to cross our border more quickly.”

According to a Texas state official, up to 900 buses could be utilized to bring the migrants to Washington, DC.

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By the 23rd of May, the administration is expected to invalidate Title 42.



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