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The Biden administration is preparing to announce another round of military supplies to Ukraine

Five US officials tell NBC News that the Biden administration will announce another significant military aid deal for Ukraine this week. According to three people, the package will be similar in size to the $800 million packages revealed by the administration last week.

According to two officials, more and tens of thousands more artillery rounds are expected to be included in the package, which will be important in the war in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.

According to officials, President Joe Biden has not signed the new deal. However, when asked if he would send more artillery to Ukraine on Tuesday, Biden responded, “Yes.”

Officials indicated the government could announce more sanctions against Russia, though it’s unclear whether they’ll be announced this week.

“Of sure, we’re preparing the next security support package to get into Ukraine,” Matt Miller, a special advisor at the White House National Security Council, said on MSNBC Tuesday. Because these stockpiles are indeed being depleted swiftly.”

Last week, the Biden administration said it would deliver Ukraine an $800 million package that includes 40,000 artillery rounds and 18 155mm howitzers.


However, as NBC News reported on Saturday, with the Ukrainian military utilizing thousands every day, the 40,000 troops would only last about a week, according to a US official. Officials from the United States are calling friends to persuade them to deploy more artillery and ammunition to Ukraine so that the offensive doesn’t run out.

A request for comment from the National Security Council was not immediately returned.



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