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The Florida Delegation Reacts to Joe Biden’s Budget Proposal of $5.8 Trillion

After President Joe Biden unveiled a proposed $5.8 trillion budget this week, members of the Florida delegation reacted.

In Biden’s proposed budget, the corporation tax rate would be raised from 21% to 28%, while Americans earning more than $1After President Joe Biden unveiled a proposed $5.8 trillion budget this week, members of the Florida delegation reacted…00 million would pay at least a 20% minimum tax rate. In addition, the proposal would increase the defense budget by $31 billion, bringing it to $813 billion, and give $32 billion to the US Justice Department to help reduce crime.

The president claimed that his idea would save more than $1 trillion over ten years.

“Budgets are statements of values,” Biden said, “and the budget I am announcing today sends a clear message that we value fiscal discipline, safety and security at home and abroad, and the investments needed to maintain our equitable progress and build a better America.” “This year, my administration is on course to lower the federal deficit by more than $1.3 trillion, halving the deficit from the previous administration’s last year and achieving the largest one-year deficit reduction in US history.” That is a direct result of my administration’s approach to containing the pandemic and growing the economy from the ground up and out.

We spent less money and obtained better results than the previous administration: robust economic growth generated revenues and allowed us to properly reduce emergency spending. My budget will build on this accomplishment, decreasing the deficit even more by continuing to encourage economic growth, which has resulted in higher revenues, and ensuring that billionaires and huge businesses pay their fair amount.

“At the same time, my budget will spend on securing our country and making America a better place.” “We will safeguard our communities by increasing the number of police officers on the street to engage in accountable community policing, hiring the agents needed to combat gun crime, and investing in crime prevention and community violence intervention,” Biden stated. “I’m proposing one of the greatest investments in our country’s security in history, with the funding necessary to ensure that our military stays the best-prepared, best-trained, and best-equipped in the world. In addition, I’m advocating for ongoing investment to retaliate aggressively against Putin’s actions against Ukraine by providing economic, humanitarian, and security assistance to Ukraine.

The Florida Delegation Reacts to Joe Biden's Budget Proposal of $5.8 Trillion (1)
The Florida Delegation Reacts to Joe Biden’s Budget Proposal of $5.8 Trillion

“My budget also makes the investments needed to reduce costs for families and advance my Unity Agenda – including investments to cut child care and health care costs; help families pay for other essentials; end cancer as we know it; support our veterans, and get all Americans the mental health services they need,” the president added. “Overall, it’s a budget that offers historic deficit reduction, historic investments in our national and international security, and an unprecedented commitment to creating an economy where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.”

Senator Rick Scott of Florida, a Republican, claimed Biden’s budget blueprint ignored inflation.

“Joe Biden’s comments that this budget blueprint will propel America ahead are quickly backed up by the mainstream media. It’s a brazen act. Anyone who has witnessed this administration’s numerous failures understands that these claims are false. In the Senate Budget Committee, I questioned Biden’s senior budget officers several times, and they struggled to answer my simple questions regarding America’s finances. Where is Joe Biden’s plan to bring inflation under control? Where is Joe Biden’s plan to ensure that defense spending stays pace with the inflation catastrophe he created? Where does the money come from to secure the border?

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In his ‘budget,’ none of these issues are addressed. This president is primarily concerned with two things: pursuing his failed tax and spending agenda and satisfying his party’s awakened left radicals. Americans can no longer afford Biden’s liberal failures, especially with inflation raging and his plan making things worse across the board,” Scott said.

U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., hailed Biden’s idea from her seat on the House Appropriations Committee.

“President Biden is committed to making America a better place for the people, and his FY23 budget proposal provides the basis for how we’ll keep working toward that critical objective while reducing the deficit, combating inflation, and generating more jobs,” Frankel said. “I am particularly encouraged by his inclusion of billions of dollars to expand access to high-quality, affordable child care, historic investments to create a more gender-equitable world, hundreds of millions of dollars for Everglades Restoration to protect Florida’s drinking water, and unprecedented funding for our Veterans, and I look forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration to include these funding priorities in our FY23 spending bill.”

Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., has also expressed her support for the proposed budget.

“As the daughter of a maid and janitor and a former 27-year police officer, I will continue to fight for a budget that prioritizes working Americans, funds our police and military, cuts wasteful spending, and lowers household costs on essential needs like health care, senior care, education, and housing,” Demings said. “A new federal police grant program to reduce gun violence in our communities is proposed at the president’s request.” I’ve been leading work in Congress on this, and I’m asking my colleagues to support and approve the VICTIM Act, which will invest in local police departments to investigate killings and assist victims of violent crimes.

The Florida Delegation Reacts to Joe Biden's Budget Proposal of $5.8 Trillion (2)
Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., has also expressed her support for the proposed budget.

“I will fight to guarantee that our budget includes considerably increased police spending for local, state, and federal officers, as well as customs and border patrol officers.” “I will also reject misguided attempts to cut funding for important airport security and anti-terrorism initiatives, which I have fought for throughout my time in Congress,” she continued. “We’re on track to reduce the federal deficit by more than any previous year.” Because our tax dollars are valuable, I will seek to ensure that our final budget is fully funded and reduces inflation. I will also support working families and will vote against any tax hike on anyone earning less than $400,000 per year.

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“A year ago, we made a critical federal investment in working Americans, and as a result of that investment, America has created more jobs in the last year than in any previous year in history.” Unemployment and poverty have reached new lows. “When working Americans win, America wins, and that is a lesson I want to apply to this year’s budget,” Demings concluded.

Eric Eikenberg, CEO of the Everglades Foundation, chimed in on the budget, saying it demonstrates both parties support Everglades restoration.

“Today’s presentation of President Biden’s budget recommendations to Congress underscores the Everglades restoration effort’s strong bipartisan nature once again.” President Biden’s request for $407 million is the greatest yearly federal spending request in the 22-year campaign to restore America’s Everglades, according to him. “The Everglades is an important ecosystem for Florida’s economy, which is based on tourism, real estate, and recreation. The Everglades supply drinking water to nine million people and countless tourists, as well as providing climate resilience through a variety of means, including carbon sequestration. At both the state and federal levels, restoring the Everglades is a nonpartisan issue.

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“The Everglades Foundation is encouraged by the continued support and current momentum for Everglades restoration. “We appreciate President Biden’s support for strong financing, as well as the bipartisan support of Florida’s congressional delegation, and look forward to continuing our progress in restoring America’s Everglades,” Eikenberg stated.



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