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Update on Stimulus Checks: Residents of This State Can Get Up to $1,000 in Stimulus Funds.

Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the country, there is no sign of a fourth stimulus check, and the child tax credit has expired. However, in Connecticut, the state legislature has authorised an increase in the earned income tax credit, which will help around 200,000 citizens there at the very minimum.

The findings of a BGR analysis indicate an increasing tendency that future pandemic assistance will be provided at the state level.

Lamond made the announcement last week that he’s instructed Connecticut’s Congress to retroactively increase their state’s 2020 earned income tax credit.

As reported by The Hartford Courant, the credit has been increased from 23% to 41.5%, indicating that taxpayers who qualify will get an extra payment for their 2020 taxes when they submit their tax return this year. As a result of the credit, tax refunds might rise from $375 to $1,000 in the spring.

Update on Stimulus Checks: Residents of This State Can Get Up to $1,000 in Stimulus Funds.

When the EITC was offered to everyone with an income of $56,844 or less in 2020, the raise will apply to those who claimed the EITC. To see if you’re eligible, go to this page on the state’s website.

“This tax credit is a lifeline for Connecticut working families,” said Governor Lamont “It tells you how much we appreciate your efforts. Work should be compensated.” As cited by him and his allies in the state administration, this money will mostly benefit tenants with children and be used to catch up on payments and cover day-to-day needs.

In light of the state’s record-high budget surplus, both Lamont and Connecticut Republicans have called for tax reductions. A tax benefit like this is considered as a stopgap measure until the government figures out how to make such savings.


Many commentators, on the other hand, have pointed out that comparable tax benefits are available in other states, leading some to assume that state legislatures are now “competing” to establish the most beneficial living condition.

Similar tax credit programmes are also being offered by other states, including New Jersey, just over the Hudson River. Every year from now until 2023, South Carolina has set an ambitious plan to increase its tax credit by 125 percent. As a result, the state will provide a bigger earned income tax credit than the federal government does.

The U.S. tax season will begin at the end of this month, and the IRS website has useful information. Visit the website of your state’s government to learn more about its initiatives.



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