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Updates on American Finances: Refunds of tax rebates, child care credits, and tax deductible items…

Although the days of nationwide stimulus cheques in the United States are over, many states around the country are searching for ways to assist citizens in the face of rising gas prices and inflation.

In our live blog on Tuesday, April 5, we’ll discuss some of the new benefits programs that have been put in place to assist Americans.

How to Contact a Live Person at the IRS

When trying to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you may find that you wind up spending so much time on the phone that you give up.

In most cases, calling a specific department will get you through to someone much faster.

Is it possible to deduct the cost of solar panels?

If you have just had solar panels placed on your property, you may be eligible for a tax discount.

Many Americans are already considering adding solar panels to make their homes more environmentally friendly, so this tax break is a nice bonus.

Credit for Child and Dependent Care

It is not inexpensive to have children, with many Americans finding that they must spend a significant portion of their earnings on their children, but there is financial assistance available in the shape of the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

This tax credit is available to parents who must pay someone to care for a kid under the age of 13 because they must work. The credit also applies to a spouse or dependent of any age who is unable to care for themselves.

Refund of Georgia tax rebate

Due to the state of Georgia’s budget surplus, Governor Brian Kemp has decided to sign House Bill 1302, which allows for a one-time payment to be paid to persons who filed income tax returns in the 2020 and 2021 tax years.


A $250 check will be mailed to anyone who is single or married but filing separately. The payment for the head of household will be 375 dollars, while married couples filing jointly can expect to get 500 dollars.



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