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When Twitter Users Turn the Script on Lindsey Graham’s Attempted Attack of Biden, It Backfires | Latest News!

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was recently chastised on Twitter for attempting to criticize President Joe Biden by misrepresenting his words. Biden’s statement at an emergency summit of North American Treaty Organization (NATO) leaders, who are working on resolutions to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has sparked the latest controversy.

Biden mentioned during his address that he was inspired to run for president after hearing former President Donald Trump’s controversial “both sides” remark during the catastrophic “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. Biden’s statements appear to have ruffled the Republican lawmaker’s feathers.

Graham, a prominent Trump supporter, turned to Twitter to express his displeasure, writing, “President Biden is discussing Charlottesville and domestic politics as Ukraine burns. Very depressing.”

Graham, on the other hand, seemed to have missed the whole context of Biden’s statements. Twitter users swiftly chimed in with their thoughts on Biden’s words, pointing out that he only referenced former President Barack Obama in answer to a reporter’s query. Others reminded Graham of how Trump conducted news conferences, which frequently devolved into personal outbursts.

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Brian Tyler Cohen tweeted, “As Ukraine burns, Republicans talk about CRT and overturning court decisions legalizing interracial marriage.” “It’s very depressing.”

Another user tweeted, “Stopping white nationalists is extremely crucial to everyone who isn’t a white nationalist.” “It’s interesting that you don’t believe it’s significant.”

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